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July 18, 2021


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Francis Rozange

Google has always said that there is no direct link between SEO and social networks, but indirect links are very real: by making your site known on social networks, you will only improve your SEO… Add Twitter, Facebook or other icons in the footers of all your pages and emails. If you’re on your own though, you shouldn’t put too much energy into it: our Facebook page for LaFactory averages … two views per post, surprising as it may seem. However, the circulation of a post made by an individual, rather than a company results in a higher score, so if you work alone, I invite you to share your posts to your personal network, which includes your friends and family, who might willingly repost them. At least in theory. The downside of social media is the “race to the bottom”: don’t waste your time spreading some sophisticated posts, no one will read them, even on a professional network like LinkedIn. Show upbeat content, illustrated with images or videos. For example, a fake quote from Steve Job or the difference between a boss and a leader. Unless your activity leads you to prioritize quality over quantity: in this case, you can risk sharing relevant and original content.

Twitter is a little different: the distribution of posts to followers is higher than that of Facebook, the users are younger, and the network focuses more on the news than sharing videos of kittens playing the piano, so it is appropriate to adapt your posts accordingly. For communication, B2B, LinkedIn is of course essential, but the network has drastically reduced the reach of posts, barely twenty before falling into oblivion if no one is interested. As for Instagram and Pinterest, these are image-oriented networks, as everyone knows. In the field of video, YouTube and TikTok are essential. It is up to you to choose which networks to invest in depending on your target. In general, it is strongly recommended to adapt your content to the social network: this is all the more obvious in the case of Twitter, which is limited to 260 characters.

If you want to optimize your time, you can use a site such as Hootsuite which allows you to centralize your publications on the platform and then choose where to post them. You can schedule posts and even create advertisements. To study the statistics if you do not want to pay for a subscription, Google Analytics social tracking is a free solution integrated into Analytics: just click on Acquisition and then Social.

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