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July 18, 2021


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Francis Rozange

Almost all Internet users are looking for local businesses. This is what explains the success of Google Business or Tripadvisor, for example. It’s absolutely essential to be present there: Google Business links appear at the top of the page, before website results and are also displayed in Google Map. The information provided is very comprehensive: opening hours, phone number, website … as well as customer comments. In order to decide which businesses to display directly on the results page, the criteria are a little different than for websites. The backlinks, in particular, see their importance decrease in favor of other criteria, more “local”: if the search is limited to one city, a priority criterion will be the proximity to the city center, then come the customer reviews. We then find the usual criteria: mention of name or phone number, backlinks, keywords, site responsiveness, etc.

The first step? Create your page in Google Business. Above all, it is important not to make a mistake in the category and to choose the one corresponding as precisely as possible to your activity. Then you have to register … everywhere else. There are indeed many directories listing businesses. For instance, facebook.com/business. Then it all depends on your activity. If you are unsure, the easiest way is to enter the name of your competitor to see where they are referenced. Also add as many photos as possible, and don’t hesitate to hire a professional.

Get customer reviews

We obviously do not encourage you to buy customer reviews: If Google finds out, which it does very often, you will not be banned but you will lose your referencing and you will only be found by entering the name of your business directly. As for these reviews that you have paid, they will of course be withdrawn. Users are not fools either, and seeing that many reviews are posted the same day by people with hardly more than one review online: not very credible … and disastrous for your image. The ideal is therefore to add a link to Google Business in your email, website, business cards, brochures … and be patient. However, it is possible to encourage your customers to post a review, ideally accompanied by photos. For example, with a small commercial gesture.

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