Jail Bound Marketing: The ultimate weapon of war to seduce the consumer

Publish Date

July 29, 2021


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Francis Rozange

Do not look for this term in your favorite marketing book, I invented it. “Prison bound” or “jail bound” in English means “destined to make prison”. And that’s exactly what you want to get from your clients, metaphorically speaking. The jail bound is therefore to imprison his clients in a closed environment by making him believe that it is in his interest. An example? Google has developed Chrome with its default search engine. The development of Android, with all the Googl tools installed on it, is of course jail bound marketing. Google has pushed this logic up to the end with Chrome OS, ChromeBook computers and acted in very effective Troy’s horse on iPhone: Install various Google Apps and read your mail with Google Inbox: Clicking on a link will launch Google Chrome. Are you meeting somewhere?  Google map  takes over. Here we have a full session, on an Apple phone, without ever using the apps provided with IOS. Facebook does not do anything else with Instagram, Messenger, whatsApp and the more and more extensive functions integrated directly, especially to discourage you from going on Snapchat, YouTube or a news magazine.  

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